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Sunday, January 26

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Monday, January 27

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(Carousels) Plenary Table 01: Improving Workplace Stability Through Cross-sector Collaboration Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreSuzie Johnson (Carousels) Plenary Table 02: Climbing Trees Instead of Ladders: A Changing World of Work Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreGail Kastning (Carousels) Plenary Table 03: Stop Talking at Them! 5 Ways to Engage Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreCathie Edmond (Carousels) Plenary Table 04: Robots vs Humans Dilemma Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreAbla Krouma (Carousels) Plenary Table 05: Career Centres as Sites of Community Campus Engagement Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreNicole Bedford • Madga Goemans (Carousels) Plenary Table 06: Women Connecting with Women: Counselling in Settlement Agencies Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreNarges Khazraei • Grace Ryu (Carousels) Plenary Table 07: FoW/NoW: The Future of Work is Now Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreKarena de Souza (Carousels) Plenary Table 08: Employment of Blind and Partially Sighted Canadians Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreKathleen Forestell (Carousels) Plenary Table 09: Capitalizing on the Power of Multi-Generational Teams Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreNicole Miller (Carousels) Plenary Table 10: How to Beg/Borrow/Steal a Career Textbook for Students! Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreLarry Iles • Jamie Noakes (Carousels) Plenary Table 12: Difficulties that Immigrants and International Students Are Facing Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreMinzhou Sun (Carousels) Plenary Table 13: The "Bright Spots" Strategy: From Haldane to Heath Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreJohn Thompson (Carousels) Plenary Table 14: Preparing College Students for the End of Work Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreMichael Stebleton (Carousels) Plenary Table 15: What Can We Do to Increase Success in Post-Secondary Education Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreRebecca Bisson • Karen Aglukark (Carousels) Plenary Table 17: Mapping Digital Skills in Canada Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreBrian Robson • Wendy Cukier 201: Integrating Essential Skills for Employment Counsellors Room | Salle 201Cindy Messaros 202: Career Practitioners' Well-Being: Clinical vs Administration Supervision Room | Salle 202Sonny Wong 203: Exploring Employment Pathways for Students with Disabilities Room | Salle 203Julie Caldwell • Tara Connolly 204: Guidance Counsellors and Public Education for the Future Room | Salle 204Elyse Watkins 206: Career Development & Mental Health: Coping Becomes Hoping | Développement de carrière et santé mentale : transformer l’adaptation en espoir Room | Salle 206Michael Huston • Dave Redekopp 207: Incorporating Designing Your Life into Career Development Room | Salle 207Kimberley Rawes • Lorna MacEachern • Karla Gouthro 208: Career Self-Determination Theory: Overview and Essentials | La théorie de l’autodétermination appliquée à la carrière : survol et éléments essentiels Room | Salle 208Charles P. Chen 209: PANEL: Disruptors: Activating Growth Potential in Rural Communities Room | Salle 209Madelaine Currelly • Dan Borowec • Robin Jones • Zita Cobb 210: Yoga & You: Elevate Yourself and Your Clients Room | Salle 210Wayne Pagani • Michelle Precourt 211: Does the Skills Agenda Apply to Us? Room | Salle 211Donnalee Bell • Sareena Hopkins 212: Enhance Your Toolkit: Responsive, Inclusive, Accessible Career Advising Room | Salle 212Karla Gouthro • Jesse Grimaldi • Allison Mander-Wionzek 213: The 8 Secrets of Career Success Seminar Experience Room | Salle 213Don Fraser 214: Coaching/Counselling: An Integrated Career Development Approach Room | Salle 214Norman Amundson • Andrea Fruhling 215: Maximizing Career Engagement Across a Lifetime of Transitions Room | Salle 215Roberta Neault • Deirdre Pickerell

11:40 EST

201: Making Connections: Trial to Triumph, Newcomer Employment Room | Salle 201Mythra Lagueux • Boris Palameta • Zach Blumke 202: Enhancing the Employment Successes of Newcomer-Refugee Youth Room | Salle 202Thandiwe Ncube • Margaret von Lau 203: Identifying and Planning for Outcomes of Experiential Learning Room | Salle 203Carolyn Hoessler • Lorraine Godden 204: Students Perspectives on Careers & Career Development: 2020 Room | Salle 204Graham Donald 205: Trades Talent Link: Increasing Access to Good Jobs Room | Salle 205Sazlin Ahmad • Laurie Beckstead 206: The Challenge Mindset: How to Transform Career Development | La mentalité de défi : comment transformer le développement de carrière Room | Salle 206JP Michel 207: Actua’s Future Skills Project: Post-secondary Work-integrated Learning Room | Salle 207Tracy Ross 208: Computing Disciplines 2.0: What Career Advisors Need to Know | Disciplines informatiques 2.0 : ce que doivent savoir les conseillers en développement de carrière Room | Salle 208Randy Connolly • Janet Miller • Faith-Michael Uzoka 209: A Career Mentoring Tale: Assumptions, Assessment and Action Room | Salle 209Arlene Olynyk • Susan Forseille 210: Using Introvert Strengths for Effective Job Search Room | Salle 210Gabriela Casineanu 211: Labour Market Trends in the Age of Disruption Room | Salle 211Denis Gravelle 213: Reducing Risk: Career Skills Impact for International Students Room | Salle 213Kris Magnusson • Sharla Reid • Heather Williams 214: Design Thinking for Career Development Room | Salle 214Nick Fruhling • Andrea Fruhling 215: Activating Potential: Applying Mindset Tools for Empowered Success Room | Salle 215Shellie Deloyer

14:00 EST

201: Working Together: Employment & Language Training for Refugees Room | Salle 201Bashir Shabaz • Carl Cadogan 202: "Reviewing Resumes is Hard": Flipping the Classroom Room | Salle 202Larry Iles • Jamie Noakes 204: ISSofBC and Vancity: Re-imagining Financial and Career Services Room | Salle 204Chris Friesen • John Horn 205: What Career Practitioners Want Room | Salle 205Tony Bonen • Steven Tobin 206: PANEL: Future Skills: Preparing for the Future of Work | Compétences futures : se préparer pour l’avenir du travail Room | Salle 206Valerie Walker • Pedro Barata • Rhonda Fernandes 207: Digital Credentials for Robot-Proof 21C Careers Room | Salle 207Don Presant 208: PANEL: Urban Indigenous Homeward Bound (UIHB) Room | Salle 208Joshua Litwin • Lorie Arias • Lauren Howse 209: Career Developers to Career Connectors Room | Salle 209Shanna Mugford • Ashley Verge 210: Converting Potential into Prosperity: Microloans for Newcomer Success Room | Salle 210Robert Ndoping • Lindsay Morris 211: Collaborating for Career Success: Psychology and Career Services Room | Salle 211Cathy Keates • Meghan Norris 212: Grow Your Career: JAC Employee Career Development Program Room | Salle 212Lois Dion • Marianne Côté-Jacques • Susan Ajersch 213: Building Bridges to Employment Through Social Enterprise Room | Salle 213Chelsey MacNeil 214: Discover the Path From Skills Development to Mastery! Room | Salle 214Rob Straby 215: The Power of LinkedIn and Social Reciprocity Room | Salle 215Shelly Elsliger

15:45 EST

(Carousels) Plenary Table 01: Providing Career Supports for Students with Disabilities Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreKorrie Belanger (Carousels) Plenary Table 02: Innovative Pilot Projects: Improving Adult Learner Employment Pathways Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreLorraine Godden (Carousels) Plenary Table 03: Classroom to Career: Bridging Career Guidance Gaps Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreNina Hornjatkevyc • Meghan Reid (Carousels) Plenary Table 04: Comprehensive Career Programs Must Include STEM Information Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreCraig White (Carousels) Plenary Table 05: The 10 Options After High School Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreSarah-Jane VandenBerg (Carousels) Plenary Table 06: Coaching iGen/Gen Z: Challenges, Opportunities and Strategies Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreHoda Kilani (Carousels) Plenary Table 07: Big-Picture Thinking for Job Developers Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreNarine Dat Sookram (Carousels) Plenary Table 08: Effective In-Class Exercises for Mature & International Students Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreAnita Agrawal (Carousels) Plenary Table 09: Mindful Practices for Teaching Employability Skills Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreErica Ruth Kelly (Carousels) Plenary Table 10: Adapting Services to Optimize the International Student Experience Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreJennifer Woodside (Carousels) Plenary Table 11: Integrated? Holistic? How Do These Apply to FCR? Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreMichael Lam (Carousels) Plenary Table 12: Experience More Access Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreJennifer Mei (Carousels) Plenary Table 13: Preparing Youth for Work in the Bio-Economy Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièrePamela Gray (Carousels) Plenary Table 14: Real-time Assessment of Learning in Career Workshops Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreKimberley Rawes (Carousels) Plenary Table 16: On-campus Job Shadowing: Exploring PhD Career Pathways Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreKira Bruschke 201: Career Reading (to Support Career Writing) Room | Salle 201Crit Jamin 203: Non-Cognitive Factors as Predictors of College Adaptation Process Room | Salle 203André Samson • Alexander Maisonneuve 204: Changing Lives: Creating Hope for a Better Future Room | Salle 204Rhonda Taylor 206: Millennial Leadership: Career Management as the Gateway | Le leadership chez les membres de la génération Y : la gestion de carrière comme passerelle Room | Salle 206Ali Breen • Teresa Didiano • Mark Franklin 207: Trauma-Informed Strategies for CDPs Room | Salle 207Seanna Quressette 208: Opening the Door Wider for Clients with Disabilities | Ouvrir plus grand la porte aux clients handicapés Room | Salle 208Lisa Kelly 209: Indigenous Youth Self-Discovery and Development Through International Experience Room | Salle 209Tanya Tulus • Louise White 210: Experiential Learning Resources for Students with Disabilities Room | Salle 210Wei Huang • Jen Davies 212: Innovating Employment and Settlement Services with Behavioural Insights Room | Salle 212Chris Callanan • Susanna Gurr • Greg Lockwood 213: PANEL: Bridging Career and Mental Health in Clinical Supervision Room | Salle 213David Glickman • Karen Barclay-Matheson • Brian Hutchison • Melissa Spears 214: Building Our Competency Framework and Certification Program Together Room | Salle 214Sharon Graham • Kathy McDonald • Paula Wischoff Yerama 215: Broadening a Hope-Filled, Strength-Based Approach to Career Education Room | Salle 215Leela Darvall • Gray Poehnell CANCELLED | 211: Creative Ways to Build Online Career Services Room | Salle 211Tannis Goddard 205: Transforming Workforce Systems Room | Salle 205Ben Liadsky • Nation Cheong • Adriana Beemans
Tuesday, January 28

08:20 EST

09:30 EST

11:15 EST

201: Career Clarity: Investing in Future Students Room | Salle 201David Glickman • Melissa Spears 202: PANEL: Innovating NL Workforce Development: Tip of the Iceberg Room | Salle 202Christina Hackett • Sareena Hopkins • Sharon McLennon • Boris Palameta 203: Soft Skills for Employment Retention: ReSET the Dial(ogue) Room | Salle 203Mandie Abrams • Randy Lindsay 204: Hire a Robot: Digital Hacks for Career Practitioners Room | Salle 204Ali Breen • Rebecca McCarthy 206: Client-Centred Approach Model: Holistic & Practical Application | Modèle d’approche axée sur le client : application globale et pratique Room | Salle 206Tammy Martin • Brenda Ross-Jerome 207: Happiness: The Soul of CD and Well-Being Room | Salle 207Clarence DeSchiffart 208: Work Ethic: Foundation of the 21st-Century Workforce | L’éthique de travail : fondement de la main-d’œuvre au 21e siècle Room | Salle 208Josh Davies 209: Canada Career Month Matters! Come and See Why Room | Salle 209Donnalee Bell • Jennifer Fraser • Rob LeForte 210: Project SEARCH: A Transition and Recruitment Best Practice Room | Salle 210Oly Backstrom • Robyn Persaud 211: Predictors of Newcomer Employment Success: Evidence and Practice Room | Salle 211Joan Atlin • Yilmaz Dinc 212: Who in the World: Giving International Students the Tools to Succeed Room | Salle 212Sue McKittrick • Darlene O'Neill • Dawn Schell 213: Pre-Marketing: The Essential Story of Your Career Enterprise Room | Salle 213Maria Ford 214: Let's be Revolutionary: A Working Session for Trailblazers Room | Salle 214Lisa Taylor 215: Career Concepts That Work: Theory-Informed Practice Room | Salle 215Nancy Arthur (via video) • Mary McMahon (via video) • Roberta Neault

12:30 EST

14:15 EST

15:45 EST

(Carousels) Plenary Table 01: Taming the Overwhelm Dragon Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreCathy Ginsberg (Carousels) Plenary Table 02: Teaching Career Using the UN Sustainable Development Goals Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreCandy Ho (Carousels) Plenary Table 04: First Canadian Work Experience Pilot: Early Implementation Lessons Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreJulie Rodier • Greg Lockwood (Carousels) Plenary Table 05: Road Map to Manifest Your Dreams Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreDave Urichuck (Carousels) Plenary Table 06: How to Ikigai Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreTim Tamashiro (Carousels) Plenary Table 08: Career Pathways for Visible Minority Newcomer Women Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreTim Foran • Susanna Gurr (Carousels) Plenary Table 09: How Career Development Discussions Can Increase Employee Engagement Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreColleen Egli (Carousels) Plenary Table 10: Findings from Data Analysis of First Nations Employment Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreMukhtar Rahemtulla • Nadine Montour • Roiahtate Horn (Carousels) Plenary Table 11: Addressing Labour Needs for Persons with Disabilities Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreAmani Hitimana (Carousels) Plenary Table 12: Stop Your Job Search: Start Business Planning Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreKaren McDonald-Hurley (Carousels) Plenary Table 13: Welcome to Canada: Journey to Qualification Recognition Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreMedina Puskar • Sonya Hince (Carousels) Plenary Table 14: Exploring Stakeholders' Perceptions of Graduate Employability Skills Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreAlizeh Batra (Carousels) Plenary Table 15: Career Mapping: Expanding Innovative Pathways for Employment Security Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreLinda Pardy (Carousels) Plenary Table 16: New Ecology of Work Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreGeorge Dutch 202: WES Gateway Program: Assessing Credentials for Displaced Individuals Room | Salle 202Beatrice Kohlenberg 203: Moving Ontario Works Clients Towards Employment Room | Salle 203Michael Simon 204: Self-Care for Career Development Practitioners Room | Salle 204Michael Sorsdahl 206: Merging Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Values for Student Success | Combiner valeurs autochtones et non autochtones pour favoriser le succès des étudiants Room | Salle 206Linda Manning • Dwight Powless 207: An Experiential Journey Through the CERIC Guiding Principles Room | Salle 207Juliana Wiens • Karen Schaffer 208: Strengths, Hope and Resources Program for Schools | Programme de forces, d’espoir et de ressources pour les écoles Room | Salle 208Rebecca Hudson Breen 209: Leadership in Action: Stories of Ninja Career Development Room | Salle 209Lynne Bezanson • Tony Botelho • JP Michel • Deirdre Pickerell • Sareena Hopkins 210: Exploring a Social Enterprise Model to Essential Skill-Building Room | Salle 210Angie Marquis • Keisha Goodleaf • Cheryl Lahache 211: Career Development Elevated: Collective Learnings from System Transformation Room | Salle 211Aime Haughn • Kathy McKee • Jaime Smith 213: The Rules of Engagement Room | Salle 213Herky Cutler 214: PANEL: Narrative Career Management Reflection: Today's On-Campus Tools Room | Salle 214Mark Franklin • Jessica Isenor • Kerry Till • Michael Stebleton • Kris Magnusson 215: Career Resolutions? You've Got This! Room | Salle 215Laurie Edwards • Clarence DeSchiffart CANCELLED | (Carousels) Plenary Table 07: Nova Scotia Works Digital: Delivering Online Employment Services Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénière 201: KAIROS Blanket Exercise | Exercice des couvertures par KAIROS Room | Salle 201

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Wednesday, January 29

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