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Tuesday, January 28

15:45 EST

(CANCELLED) | 212: Façonnez votre métier idéal Room | Salle 212Philbert Corbrejaud (Carousels) Plenary Table 01: Taming the Overwhelm Dragon Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreCathy Ginsberg (Carousels) Plenary Table 02: Teaching Career Using the UN Sustainable Development Goals Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreCandy Ho (Carousels) Plenary Table 04: First Canadian Work Experience Pilot: Early Implementation Lessons Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreJulie Rodier • Greg Lockwood (Carousels) Plenary Table 05: Road Map to Manifest Your Dreams Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreDave Urichuck (Carousels) Plenary Table 06: How to Ikigai Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreTim Tamashiro (Carousels) Plenary Table 08: Career Pathways for Visible Minority Newcomer Women Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreTim Foran • Susanna Gurr (Carousels) Plenary Table 09: How Career Development Discussions Can Increase Employee Engagement Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreColleen Egli (Carousels) Plenary Table 10: Findings from Data Analysis of First Nations Employment Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreMukhtar Rahemtulla • Nadine Montour • Roiahtate Horn (Carousels) Plenary Table 11: Addressing Labour Needs for Persons with Disabilities Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreAmani Hitimana (Carousels) Plenary Table 12: Stop Your Job Search: Start Business Planning Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreKaren McDonald-Hurley (Carousels) Plenary Table 13: Welcome to Canada: Journey to Qualification Recognition Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreMedina Puskar • Sonya Hince (Carousels) Plenary Table 14: Exploring Stakeholders' Perceptions of Graduate Employability Skills Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreAlizeh Batra (Carousels) Plenary Table 15: Career Mapping: Expanding Innovative Pathways for Employment Security Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreLinda Pardy (Carousels) Plenary Table 16: New Ecology of Work Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénièreGeorge Dutch 202: WES Gateway Program: Assessing Credentials for Displaced Individuals Room | Salle 202Beatrice Kohlenberg 203: Moving Ontario Works Clients Towards Employment Room | Salle 203Michael Simon 204: Self-Care for Career Development Practitioners Room | Salle 204Michael Sorsdahl 206: Merging Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Values for Student Success | Combiner valeurs autochtones et non autochtones pour favoriser le succès des étudiants Room | Salle 206Linda Manning • Dwight Powless 207: An Experiential Journey Through the CERIC Guiding Principles Room | Salle 207Juliana Wiens • Karen Schaffer 208: Strengths, Hope and Resources Program for Schools | Programme de forces, d’espoir et de ressources pour les écoles Room | Salle 208Rebecca Hudson Breen 209: Leadership in Action: Stories of Ninja Career Development Room | Salle 209Lynne Bezanson • Tony Botelho • JP Michel • Deirdre Pickerell • Sareena Hopkins 210: Exploring a Social Enterprise Model to Essential Skill-Building Room | Salle 210Angie Marquis • Keisha Goodleaf • Cheryl Lahache 211: Career Development Elevated: Collective Learnings from System Transformation Room | Salle 211Aime Haughn • Kathy McKee • Jaime Smith 213: The Rules of Engagement Room | Salle 213Herky Cutler 214: PANEL: Narrative Career Management Reflection: Today's On-Campus Tools Room | Salle 214Mark Franklin • Jessica Isenor • Kerry Till • Michael Stebleton • Kris Magnusson 215: Career Resolutions? You've Got This! Room | Salle 215Laurie Edwards • Clarence DeSchiffart CANCELLED | (Carousels) Plenary Table 07: Nova Scotia Works Digital: Delivering Online Employment Services Level 3: Plenary | 3e étage : Salle plénière 201: KAIROS Blanket Exercise | Exercice des couvertures par KAIROS Room | Salle 201
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